Jacobi’s Oak

A love story. A mystery. Past lives best forgotten and more. “Jacobi’s Oak” is a novel of mine going through birth pangs. A talented close friend, Robin Griggs Wood, read an excerpt and was inspired to produce this painting. If I have any say in the matter, it will be the cover.

Virtual Set

A virtual set I created using MAXON’s CINEMA 4D. With the placement of performers, some camera movement and post-production compositing work to bring all the elements together, you’d probably never really know just in the looking.

Looking Up

Another camera angle on the virtual set. Movement is also possible as well as changes to lighting and overlays to the various monitors on the back wall depending on a Client’s need.

The Naked Truth

You’ve seen the virtual set adorned in all its glory. Here’s a view with all the accouterments removed. Kinda gives me a chill.

Strange New World

Here’s a 3D model that I crafted using Luxology’s “modo” appplication. Topographical mapping of the planet Mars was utilized along with some fog effects to add that sense of atmosphere. If you are new to modeling in 3D, planets are relatively easy to learn and a good place to start.

Standard Orbit

High orbital view of the topology of Mars modeled and rendered in 3D using Luxology’s “modo” application.

Cool Splash

Here’s another 3D model crafted using Luxology’s “modo” appplication.

Roll of the Dice

Chinese Dice models created using MAXON’s CINEMA 4D modeling program. Quite different in numeric layout than their Western counterparts. The material look was patterned after various jade references with a little wear and tear added to the digital imprints.

What if?

Nothing out of the ordinary to mention about this photograph. No retouching has been done. It’s just a photo. But what if several years of neglect had gone by? What if were abandoned? What would it look like then? Click through to the next slide to see…

Haunted Photoshop

…some Adobe Photoshop magic has been applied, here, to drastically age the previous slide and bring it into an imaginative future where you probably would not want to wait around to find out who might answer a knock on the door.


Something seasonal carved out of 3D space with MAXON’S CINEMA-4D modeling application.

Heavy Lifting

Sometimes I just can’t stop my imagination from flights of fancy. This is a composit of several different photographs layered in Adobe Photoshop then color corrected with special use of its Warp tool for the whimsical.