About Me

The me of the present is a story teller who just so happens to be a Visual Effects artist as well; a Generalist who’s open to alternate ways of representing character and story modeling sets or props with high end digital tools, or enhancing a mood with artworks or just that touch of color or place to anchor a scene. As a story teller, a Writer, I’m always looking for ways to draw upon my creativity and the various forms it takes to feed my imagination, to explore the “What-if”. In many ways, the essence of story and the various forms of telling it is what’s at my core with everything else simply fueled by that passion.

While I’d like to tell you that I make a living at all of this, quite honestly creative expression is a hard life requiring endless perseverance and persistence over time. Optimism in the pursuit of ones dreams pays off, but overnight riches are not the norm. So I’ve learned to be flexible and do what it takes to sustain the breathe in and breathe out, the putting of food on the table and the caring for others under my charge. As a product of the great 20th Century, I’ve grown up during technological booms and busts and have worked my way through both, leveraging skill sets central to the working of the Web and the engines that run it. At times, I’m very much like the “Wizard of Oz” hidden behind the curtains pulling levers and throwing switches and doing what it takes to help others realize or maintain their mechanisms of technology towards whatever future that awaits them.

Mine is an interesting life of ups and downs, smooth sailing and rough seas. I like the smooth parts but not the rough ones. And like everyone else, I usually have little control over which will come my way. All I can do is live it and throw myself into the doing while always being on the lookout for learning new things and drawing strength from the fact that my creativity will always seek expression whether it be on a canvas, with a clever turn of phrase, or just in the living of my life.

I’d like to think there’s a point to it all.

Hopefully, in the least, there’s a story.